Easy Ways to Curb Gas Consumption

Published: February 28, 2017  |  by Miles H.


Gas can be a huge financial burden - especially if your car is old or inefficient. The last time we checked, no one enjoys spending money on gas - so, start spending more on the things that you love, and cut back on the things you don't. Here are some tips to reduce your fuel consumption:

  1. Manage your speed: driving in a steady manner is a great way to increase fuel efficiency. Try to reduce sudden accelerations.
  2. Consider investing in a more fuel-efficient vehicle: the options are endless - especially if you live in an area that offers tax credits for electric or high-mpg vehicles.
  3. Carpool: ask around the office or post on your social networks. Carpooling can not only save you money, but it can also give you access to carpool-only lanes that have less traffic, which can definitely improve fuel efficiency.
  4. Turn off the A/C and enjoy the weather: the A/C can put extra stress on the engine, which can decrease fuel efficiency.
  5. Don't wait until your car is almost empty to fill up: instead of being desperate and filling up at the nearest gas station, try to be proactive and find the cheapest fuel.
  6. Monitor your tires: Properly-inflated tires increase fuel efficiency and reduce friction. Sudden temperature changes can deflate tires, so be aware of your tire pressure even if your car doesn't alert you.

Although seemingly small, curbing gas consumption or increasing fuel efficiency can save you thousands of dollars over the course of even a few years - depending on how much you drive. Start living the life you want by being proactive with your finances - save money on the things you don't like to spend more on the things you love.