Never Overpay on Your Phone Bill

Published: January 20, 2017  |  by Miles H.


Recent studies show that the average wireless subscriber is overpaying by $336 per year on their phone bill. Don’t be one of these people - your hard work will be completely wasted. Never overpay on your phone bill with these tips:

  1. Know Your Data Use: Many Americans overpay on their phone bill because they don’t actually know how much data they need. This can be difficult to calculate, but it can save you hundreds of dollars a year.
  2. Add a Line with Friends and Family: Even though this can be inconvenient, combining multiple plans can save you lots of money every month. Many service providers have plans that drastically decrease with increased number of users on a single plan. At some companies, multiple people on one plan can qualify for unlimited data as well.
  3. Don’t Get Cell Phone Insurance: Stop overpaying on cell phone insurance. If you’re worried about dropping your smartphone, invest in a hefty case.
  4. Minimize Billable Use: Connect to wifi as much as possible to reduce billable data consumption. Also, research ways to send messages for free - there are tens of fun and effective ways to communicate without paying for overpriced texting fees.

Use these tip to never overpay on your cell phone bill. Financial success begins when you save hundreds on simple adjustments. Do your research and make the changes to be one step closer to thriving.